Brian Parkinson

I can best be contacted via email, linked-in or twitter:

About me

  • I am a builder, and get things done.
  • One of my super powers is getting people to collaborate with each other.
  • I do my best work when I believe in the product and am motivated by delivering real solutions to customers.
  • I believe a good business meeting has an agenda, action items, and a couple of laughs.
  • My passions include adventure travel, acquiring new skills and knowledge, and studying the magic found at the intersection of design and tecnnology.

I am interested in discussing opportunities for full time or contract work with an organization that is doing challenging and meaningful work where I can apply my development experience, people management and problem solving skills.

Please click here to see my resume.
To download the resume as a PDF file, click here.

If you (or anyone you know) is in need of a finely detailed hand built wood furniture, specifically outfitted to be IoT ready please contact me at the above address; I'd be very interested in discussing your project. The first arduino is free.