Brian Parkinson
291 Garden Ave.
Toronto ON CA
M6R 1J4

My Goal

To build great software that solves meaningful business problems, and do it in a collaborative team environment.

I have tackled engineering problems ranging a distributed IoT consumer application to projects with big data and massive computational complexity to web based data visualization applications - across a wide variety of technologies and methodologies. The ideal role is one where I'm doing challenging, meaningful work and where I can lead or guide technology solutions; I like to get my hands dirty building and enabling an awesome team.

Work Experience

Freelance 2014-2016

After a long run in software companies I decided to try my hand at freelance work, along with cabinet making. Some say mid-life crisis, I would say refinement of my passions and goals. :)

Contracts & Projects

Pella Windows & Doors

  • Created an overall iot strategy recommendation for Pella Windows & Doors.
  • Conducted technical analysis of cloudbased services including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Open source to create recommendation.
  • Created proof of concept clients (using Java, Objective-C and JavaScript) to demonstrate the commercial viability of their strategy.

Clearfit Inc.

  • Automated manual resume processing to help reduce customer support effort by 30% per week using Java & REST api's.
  • Reviewed & recommended changes to the Clearfit scoring algorithm consulting with their PhD.
  • Provided guidance and recommendations to retool the development team and architecture.

Technology Projects

  • Experimented with front end technologies including node.js, angular, react to compare tradeoffs, while implementing home automation projects.
  • Development and proof of concept work with Homekit API to automate various home projects such as lights, coffee makers etc.


  • Built custom closets and kitchen built-ins from scratch using old school methods like dovetail and dowel joinery and SketchUp.
  • For tear-down kitchen reno, built 20 cabinets including interior drawers, leaded glass windows and a built in arduino powered knock-box for coffee.

Senior Architect and Development Director, IBM Algorithmics 2010-2014

Algorithmics provides real time credit risk software to financial institutions and was acquired by IBM in 2011.

  • Responsible for: overall systems architecture, design, implementation and delivery of next gen realtime credit risk web applications.
  • Delivered on-demand analytics with high availability with sub-20 ms round trip time for credit risk calculation results.
  • Lead an international team of 9 people including UX, front end and back end, testing and documentation.
  • Lead the transformation of the web architecture, resulting in an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award.
  • Technology stack: Java, node.js, websockets, JavaScript and Sencha, WebGL, HTML5.

"Brian is an engaging, talented individual who engenders excellent business relationships and consistently brings an honest, forthright commitment to his work and coworkers." Steve Woods, google senior engineering director

Senior Software Architect, Ecobee Inc 2007-2010

Ecobee is a market success with a line of internet enabled thermostats and related products.

  • Responsible for: design & implementation of both the web based interface, and back end server environment.
  • System delivered 99.99% uptime and continuous communication to thousands of home thermostats with billions of transactions, bidirectional transfer and no loss of data.
  • Lead a web and server side development team of 6 which including hiring, mentoring, and coop program management as well as coding.
  • Technology Stack: Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, JSON.

"Brian is capable in dealing with technical details as well as have a global project view in mind at all times and this ability allows him to deliver high quality projects on time. I would have Brian on my team or be on his team at any time." Yaacov Mutnikas, coo/president

Architect of Real Time Credit Risk Solution, Algorithmics 2006

Contract development for a joint project between Algorithmics and Bank of America.

  • Responsible for the design & implementation of a real time and fail safe distributed network, integral to BOA's credit risk pricing project in an agile team of 12.
  • Project was awarded Risk Magazine's Software Product of the Year award (2009) in recognition of ground breaking design.
  • Technology Stack: Java, C++ (working heterogeously) communicating via XML and custom formats, and delivering to stringent performance standards.

"Brian is one of the best developers I know and able to take a difficult project and make it work. He has the rare talent of being able to see the detail and the big picture at the same time and is always a pleasure to work with." Neil Bartlett, svp analytics, scotia bank

Development Team Lead, Kinitos/NeoEdge 2005-2006

An evolving startup, Kinitos developed technology for remote application deployment and monitoring. Shortly after I joined, the company pivoted to become Neoedge with a focus on delivering shareware games over the internet.

  • Responsible for NeoEdge's web based deployment service supporting application deployment and monitoring.
  • Managed a full-stack development team of 6 developers which included desktop and web application development and back end support services.
  • Technology Stack: C# on the .NET platform, WinForms, WebForms, ASP.NET, Ajax, SqlServer, and MSSQL.

"Brian kept us on track, kept the team cohesive, and helped us achieve our deliverables (scaling the AM product to manage activities for hundreds of thousands of agents). Brian's humour and calm in the face of crisis make him a delight to work with." Sue Work, business intel developer

Development Manager, Quest 2003-2004

Quest develops enterprise level performance and monitoring tools, mainly targetting the Java (JProbe) and J2EE (Foglight) spaces.

  • As a development manager of 12, my team was responsible for the delivery of both the JProbe and Performasure products, in addition to technical leadership in development of new products and features.
  • Delivered a proof of concept .NET profiler integrating with existing Java application.
  • Technology Stack: Java and C++, specifically focused on performance details and metrics of the Java virtual machine.

"Brian can be best described as the perfect manager. Aside from a vast technical knowledge and insatiable passion for learning new technologies, he also brings balance, order, and wisdom to navigating their applicabilities." Jeffrey Magder, senior web developer

Director of Architecture & Real Time Systems, Algorithmics 1995-2003

Algorithmics delivered both market and credit risk solutions to top tier banks and financial institutions world wide. During my tenure at Algorithmics, I was responsible for design and implementation for core product features, as well as establishment of a number of new product initiatives and bespoke development.

  • Responsible for transforming preliminary business ideas into products, including requirements, establishing teams and process.
  • Applications built under my watch continue to deliver millions in revenue each year with deployments in major banking and financial institutions around the world.
  • I managed both long term application product teams in addition to smaller task oriented swat teams for proof of concept and bespoke development work closely with clients.

"Brian is an outstanding Software Architect who has built a reputation for building high performing teams. He has a track record of creating innovative and customer focussed solutions." Guilherme Dias, leadership strategy consultant

Multimedia programmer, Sanctuary Woods 1993-1995

  • Developed educational CD-ROMs based on a series of award winning children’s interactive story books.

Software Developer, Techno Scientific 1991-1993

  • Responsible for the design, development and successful delivery of an application for non-destructive defect detection in a Czechoslovakian nuclear power plant.
  • Technologies included C, 80386/80387 assembly language and direct chip level firmware programming of DMA and IRQ channels.


  • M.Sc. Computer Science University of Toronto 1990-1991
    • Recipient: Computer Science Student Union teaching award
    • Thesis: Automated Theorem Proving in the Protem Programming Language
  • B.Sc. Computer Science (reqs) University of Toronto 1987-1990
  • B.Sc. Chemistry Carleton University 1983-1987


  • Motorcycle trips over ridiculous distances.
  • Building things in my woodshop and then internet enabling them.
  • Reading voraciously.
  • Hacking around using new technologies.
  • Anything to do with coffee, including arduino powered coffee grinders, roasting beans and general nerding out.