A Wild Pair

A Wild Pair was a 1968 promotional LP with songs by The Staccatos on one side and The Guess Who on the flip. The album was comissioned by Coca Cola, and instead of compiling up a bunch of inexpensive singles, they commissioned new songs from the bands, paid for studio time and session musicians, and brought in Phil Ramone (the R in A&R records) as producer.

The album cost $1.00 + 10 coke bottle caps by mailorder and they sold 85,000 copies at a time a gold record was 50,000. It is the first release on Nimbus 9 records (NNE-100) and it is superb - somebody should re-issue this thing.

Side 1 is by The Staccatos who were out of Ottawa - they became the Five Man Electrical Band in 1969 - here’s Running Back To You Everytime:

Side 2 is by The Guess Who - below is the track Heygoode Hardy:

And here is Heygoode Hardy from Show Of The Week in 1968.