Toronto Scene

In and around Toronto: the Penny Farthing in Yorkville was the first coffeehouse to host Joni Mitchell's original songs and featured a pool in the back. The band picture is of the Pleasure Seekers in 1968 at the Friars - from left: organist Arlene Quatro, lead singer Suzi Quatro (aka Leather Tuscadero), drummer Darline Arnone, bassist Pami Benford and lead guitarist Patti Quatro. The two men on stage are Bruce Cockburn and Eric Nagler at Mariposa Folk festival on Center Island in 1972; they collaborated on Bruce's second album High Winds White Sky. The Colonial Tavern on Yonge opened in 1947 (the second Toronto establishment to get a liquor license after the Silver Rail) and was finally demolished in 1987. The big crowd picture is from a free concert in High Park with lineup including Good Brothers and John Mills-Cockell. The Brown Derby tavern was open from 1949 to 1974, corner Yonge and Dundas.