Songs For The New Industrial State

"What is this album about? It's about the revolt of the 40 year olds."

Doug Randle was an in-house composer, lyricist and arranger for the CBC when he recorded his album of “bitter and twisted Simon & Garfunkel songs” with the absolute tops of Toronto session musicians (Laurie Bower and singers, Peter Appleyard, Rob McConnell, Moe Koffman, Guido Basso, Ed Bickert, Jack Zaza and others). The album was recorded in 1970 so it's now coming up on 50 years ago and the lyrics are timeless. Please click play below and enjoy 'Coloured Plastics', which was inspired by a piece of plastic breaking off a vacuum cleaner and taking 2 weeks to replace.

"What is this album about?..." from the original liner notes, Gene Lees