Live At El Patio

The line-up at El Patio in Yorkville in June 1966 with a bit of info on the bands.

The Dimensions changed their name to A Passing Fancy in January and they put out one consistently good self-titled album in 1968. Here's I'm Losing Tonight which was their first single, and the lead off track from their LP.

The Paupers put out a number of singles in 1966 before recording Magic People in 1967 and Ellis Island in 1968. One of their earliest singles was Free As A Bird from 1965:

The Last Words were originally The Beachcombers, then The Nighthawks, then The Shamokins, and finally they became The Last Words (at which time Jack Sparrow, formerly of The Sparrows took over as manager). The bassist was Brad Campbell who would later leave to join The Paupers when Denny Gerrard departed. They put out a couple singles; their hit was I Symbolize You, which went to #2 on the Canadian charts: