Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck

Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck was started in 1967 in Vancouver as a collective: Kathy Kay (Mother Tucker), John Patrick Caldwell (The Yellow Duck aka Raphael Red The Village Idiot), Bob O'Connor (Dogan Pink Foot aka Sheldon O'Dogan), and Michael Goldman (Garnet Crystalman). At that time, O'Connor was the only musician - he left to join Medusa and the band proper formed around John Caldwell, adding Roger Law, Charles Falkner, High Lockheed and Donnie McDougall to become MTYD. Their first two singles were released on their own Duck Records label - the second single has the track One Ring Jane as the a-side:

The b-side is Kill The Pig which was recorded as a result of a run-in with the Vancouver police:

MTYD put out two albums - Home Grown Stuff in 1969 and Starting A New Day in 1970. They toured all over Canada and were active politically at rallies and protests; at some point they moved east from Vancouver to Toronto and Ottawa, but details are sketchy - this is one band crying out for a biography as the story would no doubt be fascinating.

Here is a link to a youtube video of MTYD playing for the Cool Aid House Benefit concert - they start with "I" (also their first single) and follow up with "Times Are Changing" which is the first track on Home Grown Stuff.