Big motorcycle trip in 2018 - heading off to Tuktoyaktuk now that the road is open from Innuvik - dip my toe in the Western Arctic ocean, with a side trip into Kluane National Park. Below is some information & photos on what I'm taking (and, more importantly, what I'm not).


Motorcycle Trip

Toronto / Tuktoyaktuk / Kluane National Park.



Battery pack to charge electronics (or jump-start a truck) with charger, kindle, iPhone, camera batteries & charger, sd card reader for phone, headphones, USB charging cables.



25 prepared meals with beef, chicken and/or shrimp with rice and assorted veggies, cured meats, aged gouda cheese, strawberries, bananas and other staples, milk powder, ghee, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup flakes, salt, pepper, spices.


Right Pannier

Fuel can and bottle, coleman and whisperlite stove, kitchen utensils, aeropress coffee maker in mug, bear spray, potset, fry pan, bowl and small mesh bag of ropes, straps, zipties, etc.


Left Pannier

Contains a dry bag wiith first aid kit, gear repair stuff, and bear bangers. And the tent.


Big Dry Bag

This massive dry bag contains a thermarest, sleeping bag, clothes, towel, personal gear, rubber boots, crocs, electronics bag, maps, etc..


Mesh Bag

A mesh duffle goes on top of the big dry bag - this  contains jumper cables, tire repair kit, tire pressure gauge and inflator, nalgene bottle, water bag, camp chair, bear proof bag full o' food and dry bag with rest of food.