BMW R1150R

My motorcycle is a 2005 BMW touring bike with just over 86,000 klicks. Here are some reasons why I ❤️ my motorbike.


The speedometer and rev-o-meter are nice big and analog. A glance at the position of two needles is for me way easier than reading numbers - don’t want a digital dash.

There is no GPS.  Old school maps and asking people for directions.


The clock has been covered with a mileage-worn metal purple flower someone left in a NFLD campground a few years back. The clock was not an example of German engineering - it never worked right and finally died. Also, setting it back an hour involved arduously setting it forward 23.


When traveling, I don’t know what time it is or where I am exactly - I also don’t know how far I can go as there is no gas gauge. When I refill the tank I reset the odometer to zero - the max range is ~ 400 kms. So I start thinking about next gas at about 250 kms and the I’ll get warned when on reserve (340 kms or so). I carry a spare gas tank for extra insurance.