Tadoussac is a town at the confluence of the Saguenay and St. Lawrence rivers - the indigenous Innu called the place Totouskak.

Jacques Cartier landed at the secluded bay in 1535 and there’s been an active settlement here ever since - it’s now a mecca for 🐳 watching tours.


Canada’s oldest wooden church is here dating from 1747 - the interior is the original wood (they removed 3 layers of wallpaper in the 70’s).


Below is the formidable Hotel Tadoussac - it looks like a Wes Anderson set. There was a Hudson’s Bay post from early on and in the 1860s Tadoussac became a destination site when the first hotel was built here. It’s all very snooty and old school - perfect spot to have a day of scones, whale watching and croquet.


There is a whale interpretation center here. Frankly, if you’re at all whale crazy, you gotta go to Tadoussac.