A Passing Fancy

A Passing Fancy started in 1965 when Brian Price and brothers Jay and Ian Telfer met and sang harmonies together in a Downsview high school. They settled on the name The Dimensions and set out for Yorkville where they met Bernie Finkelstein (also from Downsview) who was serving coffee at El Patio - he became their manager and the band got a booking.

In 1966 Bernie left to manage The Paupers and the band changed name to A Passing Fancy - they toured Ontario constantly and by 1967 had a recording contract for 3 singles with Columbia records and a gig at Expo ‘67.

Their first single was “I’m Losing Tonight” released in 1967 - it went to #22 on the local CHUM chart:

In 1968 the band put out their only album (A Passing Fancy) which consisted of all the Columbia singles; the album inexplicably led off with an alternate version of “I’m Losing Tonight” without the lead guitar that makes that single buzz along.

In 1968, after filming the tv show Let’s Go at the CBC and playing a gig at The Granite Club in Toronto, band leader Jay Telfer was fired by management and the band folded shortly thereafter. The label tried to resurrect the band for one more single (“Island” c/w “Your Trip”) which flopped and by 1969 the band was dead.


Their eponymous album has been re-released on both CD and vinyl (the CD version contains both versions of “I’m Losing Tonight)”. It is a fantastic album from start to finish; highly recommended.