Georgian Bay Islands

Georgian Bay Islands national park was established in 1929 - it’s Canada’s smallest, consisting of Beausoleil Island and about 50 other small islands in an archipelago; the park is accessible by boat only.


It became a national historic site in 2017 as a result of the cultural heritage of early settlers - artifacts have been found dating back 7000 years. There’s a complicated history here for the surrounding First Nation’s Peoples (see also nearby Sainte-Marie among the Hurons or Coldwater Narrows Reserve). The park contains remnants of a community with cemetery.


To stay in the park, there are tent sites or one can rent 4 person cabins (with screened in porch!) on the east shore, but the best deal imo is one of the four 2 person cabins on west side. For $150 a night (minimum 2 nights) you get the boat ride over and back, park staff carts your gear the kilometer to west side (!!), ensures you have propane and leaves ya 2 jugs of water.

I walked over and there was nobody around except the little dude I met over lunch.

A++ will return. So close to Toronto.