3's A Crowd

3’s A Crowd were spotted by Mama Cass at the Ontario Pavillion for Expo ‘67 and she co-produced their first (and only) album called Christopher’s Movie Matinee in 1968. Originally a threesome from Vancouver, they moved to Toronto, played in clubs around town and released a couple of singles. They were seen performing at the Riverboat Tavern in 1965 which secured them the spot at Expo (here is some footage of them from Expo 67).

Bruce Cockburn wrote 3 songs on the album (he doesn’t play on the LP, but was a member of the band in 1969) and there is a track from Murray McLaughlin as well. From the album, here is Bird Without Wings, written by Bruce Cockburn:

In 1968, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) produced a film called Christopher’s Movie Matinee (it is online here) which was a movie shot by kids and was focused on the 60’s counterculture, Vietnam, the Yorkville scene, and growing up in the modern world. Some tracks from the album were used in the film - it’s a very cool view of Toronto from that time.

Here is 3’s A Crowd at the Riverboat in 1965 - the line up was Brent Titcomb, Donna Weaver and Trevor Veitch.

And in 1966, cavorting around Toronto:

In 1967, with the addition of Ken Koblun and a more psychedelic look.

3’s A Crowd toured in 1969 with the line up of Bruce Cockburn, Richard Patterson, David Wiffen, Colleen Peterson, Sandy Crawley and Dennis Pendrith but it was short lived and the band broke up before the year was out.