Max Webster

Max Webster was formed in 1972 (Mile Tilka, Kim Mitchell and Phil Trudell) from the ashes of a band called Family At Mac’s who played a tune called Song for Webster (the song, incidentally, was written by Daryl Steurmer who would later tour with Genesis). Max Webster put out a string of great albums from 1976 (Max Webster) to 1981 (Diamonds Diamonds) until Kim MItchell folded the band one night after playing a gig supporting Rush in Memphis Tennessee in April 1981.

From their first album, here is Toronto Tontos:

This is Pye Dubois (lyricist) and Kim Mitchell (guitar/vocals) in 1979:

Mike Tilka (bass):

Kim Mitchell and the Rankin sisters:

Click here for the Max Wesster live archive.

Images courtesy of the Toronto Public Library.