Hagood Hardy And The Montage

Hagood Hardy wrote 'The Homecoming' in 1972 as a jingle for Salada tea and then re-recorded it in 1975 to be a massive hit. In 1972 he also released the album 'Montage' which was formed out of a jazz trio with the addition of two singers - the group played live all over Europe but never in Canada. They released this one album of pop covers as well as original tracks - the vocalists (and co-writers) are Stephanie Taylor and Lynne McNeil with Rick Homme on bass, Dave Lewis on drums, Bill Bridges on guitar - arranged and conducted by Hagood Hardy. The track here is 'It's Too Late' intertwined with 'I Feel The Grass Under My Feet':

Here is some choice video of The Guess Who with HeyGoode Hardy on Show of the Week 1968.