Live At The Flick

The line-up at The Flick in Yorkville for May 1968 - here's a bit of info on the bands.

The Ugly Ducklings were a garage band based out of Toronto - they put out a number of singles in 1966 and 1967 as well as one album (Somewhere Outside). The track below is Just In Case You Wonder from 1966:

The Fifth were formed in Gimli MB and worked out of Winnipeg between 1968 to 1970. Their debut single Yesterday's Today won the Lloyd C. Moffat award for best Canadian produced recording of 1968 and it reached #93 on the regional charts.

The Riffkin were out of North Bay ON, and they changed their name to Buckstone Hardware after moving to Toronto in early 1969. They put one single Pack It In in 1969 which reached #33. Buckstone Hardware ended up on the 1970 Festival Express train with the Dead, Janis, the Band, etc.

The Stitch In Tyme started in Parrsboro NS as the Untouchables and in 1966 they moved to Toronto and changed name to The Golden Earing - learning that name was already taken, they changed again to Stitch In Tyme. After returning from playing a stint during Expo 67, the band bought and opened The Flick - this is their place. Here is Point of View, the b-side to their first single from 1966:

Burton Cummings on hanging out with The Riffkin in Toronto (facebook).