Elk Island

Just 1/2 hour east of Edmonton is Elk Island National Park. Originally a small Elk preserve dating back to 1906, it is home to the largest and the smallest terrestrial mammals in North America - the wood bison and pygmy shrew.


There are maintained walkways around part of the shore of Astotin lake (the ⛺️ is across the road) and a floating path through wetlands: 


There is a theatre, playgrounds and tons of programs - it’s super family friendly. A bunch of hiking trails are available. And a 9 hole golf course.


And bison everywhere (there are more bison in the park now than in all of North America in 1890). North of highway 16 (aka the Yellowhead Trail) are plains bison and south of the highway are wood bison.


Morning mist + BC smoke:


Parks 🇨🇦 rating: 👍++