Immediately east of Elk Island park is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, which has a living history museum with period costumed interpreters and a large number of homes & buildings brought to the site.


The first wave of Ukrainian immigrants (170,000 rural poor, primarily from Galicia and Bukovina) was during the years 1891 to 1914, assisted by the Canadian Homestead Act (aka Dominion Lands Act) which was in use from 1872 to 1918.


The Canadian Homestead Act was intended to encourage the settlement of Canada's prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchwan, and Manitoba. Like before the US did.


The act gave 160 acres for free to any male farmer who agreed to cultivate at least 40 acres and to build a permanent dwelling within three years. The only cost to the farmer was a $10 administration fee.


The cabbage rolls weren’t ready yet (*), so they were replaced with more perogies.


(*) I don’t really like cabbage rolls anyways.

Eastward ho.