The Checkerlads

The Checkerlads were a band from Regina, Saskatchewan, formed in 1963 by Arnie Sanns, Bob Stevens, Larry Reich, Harvey Frasz, and Bob Edwards. They put out 3 singles in 1966 on Gaiety Records - a label started by Don Grashey and Lloyd Palmer in Winnipeg, Manitoba which released a whole bunch of Canadian bands during the years from 1961 through 1969.

Here is “So Much In Love With You” a Jagger/Richards composition which was never recorded by the Rolling Stones:

And this is “Shake Yourself Down” which crops up on a bunch of garage band compilations (often credited to the Checker Lads):

The Checkerlads were:

Arnie Anns (bass, vocals)
Bob Stevens (guitar)
Larry Reitch (guitar, vocals)
Harvey Frasz (dums)
Bob Edwards (organ)