Mary Saxton

Mary Saxton’s first two singles are from 1966 on Pace records out of Edmonton AB - recorded when she was 16 years old (she was born Mary Podmoroff in High River Alberta). The singles were produced by Gary Paxton, who had already produced two #1 hit singles (“Alley-Oop” in 1960 and “The Monster Mash” in 1962). From her second single here is the Holland-Dozier-Holland penned “Ask Any Girl”, previously recorded by the Supremes in 1964:

Her first album is called “Sad Eyes” and was released in 1969 on Birchmount records - it contains more great tracks such as “Take My Heart”:

Here’s “A Tear” which is one of four tracks on the album written by Gary Paxton:

Okay one more - the final track on Sad Eyes is “Lonely World” written by Mavis McCaullay:

And finally, here is Susan Jacks and band with Mary Saxton on background vocals and a sweet rendition of “Which Way You Goin’ Billy”:

Susan Jacks live at Blue Frog Studios in September 2012 with:

David Sinclair - Guitars
Bill Sample - Keyboards
Brian Newcombe - Bass
Shawn Soucy - Drums
Mary Saxton - Vocals
Zak Sinclair - Acoustic Guitar

Hey compilation folks - a retrospective is in order here.